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What isa good logo?

Logo design is not a beauty contest.  A good logo is one that effectively represents a brand, leaving a lasting and positive impression on viewers.

logo design


Logo should stand out and is distinct from competitors.  It avoids copying or imitating other logos.


If possible, the logo has hidden or subtle meanings within it that can create a deeper connection with your audience.


A good logo is simple and uncomplicated.  It's easy to understand and doesn't overwhelm with excessive details or complexity.


A logo should be highly memorable, making it easy for people to recall and recognize.  A memorable logo helps with brand recall and recognition.


A good logo doesn't rely on fleeting design trends.  It should remain relevant and effective for many years without feeling outdated.

Color Choice.

Colors in the logo should align with the brand's identity and evoke appropriate emotions.  Consider the psychology of colors.


If your logo includes text, the typography should be well-chosen and easily legible, even when the logo is scaled down.


The logo works in both color and black-and-white, and in different orientations (horizontal, vertical, square) to accommodate various design needs.



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